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When You’re Down, Go Up… WAY up!

There’s an old saying in the Network Marketing Industry; “When You’re Down, Go Up; When You’re Up, Go Down.”  This is referring to how we’re feeling and how we conduct our interactions with the people around us.

Our industry is simple, but not always easy. Because of the impact the products and/or opportunity have on our own lives, we become passionate about them and they become a part of who we are.  Because the foundations of our organizations are usually made up of our friends and loved ones (the people within our sphere of influence) I tell my new Associates that when you’re feeling down, rather than venting on your friends and family (your potential customers and business partners), call me, you’re sponsor and up-line, for inspiration and help to conquer the speed bump you’re stuck on. Then, when you’re feeling strong and inspired, that’s when you need to talk to your down line and the people who you would like to have a positive influence on. When you’re up, go down, when you’re down, go up. By doing this, I’m not suggesting that you become fake or pretend to be positive when you’re feeling really down. There’s nothing worse that artificial positivity! I’m simply suggesting you take on the role of leadership and maturity and choose to become a person of influence.

Recently, I put myself in a position where I had an opportunity to be a product of the product, and not only did I join, but I initiated an eight week weight loss challenge, in which several others joined. My purpose was three fold;

1) I wanted to take the additional step I needed to take control of my own health and to lose the extra weight, and I figured the accountability would be great to keep me focused.

2) I wanted to be an example that would inspire others to make the changes they need in order to be healthy and lose weight.

3) My belief was so strong in what I was doing to be healthy and to lose the weight that I hoped that my positive influence and results would draw people to me, who needed and wanted what I have. That, in turn, would open the door to connect with them, finding out who they are, what they’re looking for, and how I can help them.

That, in a nut shell, is how we make friends and influence people. (And I’ve never even read the book. Lol)

During the eight week challenge, many times I was discouraged and miserable and felt my situation was hopeless. My self-talk was just plain nasty sometimes. But knowing there were people following my results on Facebook and in person, it did not cross my mind for a second to go to those people and tell them how I SO wanted to quit! How I had just gained 3.5 pounds back in one day and was throwing in the towel because I was so discouraged and just wanted to scarf a bag of chips!  As much as I wanted to vent many times, I knew that there were a lot of people watching my progress and my success would give them hope for their own situations. If I failed, they would also lose hope. It would be hard to live with knowing that I had squelched even one person’s hope for freedom from their fat trap. My weight loss goal went way beyond me, and others needed to know that I could do it! So THEY could know that THEY could do it too!

Thinking on this made me think about my life and how it’s all the same. My family and friends are all my “downline” and God is my “upline”. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night with my heart racing with panic. Or I wake up early in the morning and feel terrified and hopeless with certain situations. (Anyone relate?) For me, at that point when I’m down, my only strategy is to go up. I have to go to God for strength, guidance, clarity and inspiration, and I trust that He knows what I need even before I ask. I trust that He has complete control, even when I don’t. When I come down those stairs in the morning in faith (sometimes feeling like Peter walking on the water) and I see my teenagers who are worried about their futures and which direction they’re going and what they should be doing for the rest of their lives, they find security in knowing that I am strong, and I can affirm that they’re on the right track and doing the right things; that what they are experiencing is normal and it’s all good. I can assure them that their family, home and existence is secure as they begin to make their way in life, and no matter how high they fly, they will always find a solid landing ground in our family and home. And that they can ALWAYS count on our mother company, “God, Inc.”  to see them through. Our little ones enjoy the same solid security with or without even knowing it.

The same is true with my elderly parents. There were decades when I would count on them for everything! Leadership, security, help, support, encouragement, etc. they were always a solid rock. In the same way I counted on them all those years, they now count on my husband and I. We are now the rock that they always were for us. What a privilege and blessing it is for us to see them enjoying their golden years in safety and security, in a mobile home beside our house, and to have them as a vital part of our and our children’s lives!

As humans, life gets really, really heavy and we simply can’t carry it on our own. We have to get strength from something or someone. I know that if I don’t put my trust in God to be my strength, I find myself trying to carry the burden myself. When I can’t do it, I put my expectations on the people around me, usually the people who I love most.  People were not meant to be God, and so, without fail, they disappoint me.  Obviously, we can’t expect our little children to be our strength, and what happens when we expect our spouse to be our “upline”? Disappointment every time.

In order to feel organized and in control, people separate stuff. They separate their home from their ministry from their family, from their business from their church from their school from their job, etc. For me, it’s all the same. My life is all of these. When I wake up in the morning, God is my upline. I go to Him for guidance, blessing, inspiration and support so that I can then take that strength and share it with others within my sphere of influence. My home, family and circle of influence is my ministry, my church, my business and my job. It’s where I go to worship, give thanks, inspire, create, support and bless.

So in going back to my original thought… We are all in an ongoing battle with our feelings and thoughts. NONE of us are excluded from negative self-talk. To build strength in body, there must be tearing and resistance. To build strength in character and to develop our selves, there must also be tearing and resistance. To have people follow us, we must become leaders. In our business, when we’re having a bad day, when we’re discouraged or feeling like we want to quit, when we’re feeling overwhelmed or upset, the worst thing we can do is to vent on Facebook or to our friends. They need our example of leadership and maturity.

When you need strength and support, by all means go to your sponsor or upline. If you don’t have a sponsor or upline you can talk with, go to a mentor or crossline friend. Before you know it you’ll be thinking, “Sheesh! What was I so down about?!” and you’ll be free to continue to win friends and influence people.

When you’re up, go down; When you’re down, go up. And don’t be afraid to go to the top!  😉



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