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The Nature Of The Beast

Yesterday I enjoyed a lovely luncheon with some of my dearest friends who are also my business partners.  How sweet is that!? 🙂  Some of the things we talked about really inspired me!  Thought I should share some of my thoughts…

In the last five years I have learned so much from many different professional networkers.  Some in person, others at Conventions and Diamond Universities, and others through listening to CD’s and DVD’s or reading books.  I noticed very early on that there are many, many different approaches to build a business!  Sometimes it can be confusing trying to find the right “formula” for success. Some people lead with the products, others with the business opportunity.  Some will only enroll people as Associates and then let them experience the products.  Others build a strong customer base before they even mention any business opportunity.  Some focus on warm market, others on cold.  Some close their presentation with “are you a 1, 2, or 3?”  Others NEVER close their presentation with the 1, 2 or 3!  I have heard SO many different perspectives on how to achieve success!  But the one thing EVERY successful Associate has in common is that they are confident in what ever it is that they are doing and they have POSTURE!

So I got thinking, “If posture is the key to success with USANA, how does a new person get posture?”

Well, as I glance out over the back twenty acres, the golden sun setting on the horizon, I see my seventeen year old daughter, Laura, out riding her beautiful, sleek, powerful Morgan horse.  She’s taking him through the motions.  The two of them are moving in perfect unison.  She is balanced and has perfect posture.  He is powerful and he’s got a mind of his own!  He’s 1000 lbs, she’s 100lbs!  She’s not a big girl by any means, but she is in perfect control.  Her strength is not in her arms, it’s in her posture.  She is confident in her ability and she has learned the language of her horse.  Because of this, her horse can feel safe to put his trust in her and her aids.

When Laura was eight years old, she joined Pony Club.  She took horse theory throughout the winter and learned all about horses.  She learned confirmation, feed, health, colors, markings, gaits, language, hoof care, riding positions, tack, etc.  In the spring she started riding!  How much do you think all that theory did to help her get her seat?  It was a very necessary foundation, but do you think she was confident and balanced when she got on her horse for the first time?  He gave his head a little shake to fend off a fly and off she went, flat on her butt!

Little by little, through much perseverance and bruising more than just her pride, Laura developed her posture.  Little by little, it went from the horse being in control, to her being in control.  This was a process.

Now, if you want something to cuddle, you get a puppy.  If you want a play mate, you get a kitten.  If you want to do a little back yard trail riding you get a pony.  But USANA, my friends, is a Grand Prix level horse.  For those who are willing to “get back on” over and over and develop their posture, USANA is built to deliver!  But it is a process to get to the point where you’re confident and have enough posture so that your potential associates can feel safe to put their trust in your aids.

So with Usana, we educate and improve ourselves using the resources we are surrounded with because that is a very important aspect of our business!  Everything we consume becomes a part of who we are.  But as much as we wish there was a simple 3-stip formula, our business has a mind of it’s own because it’s made up of people.  It’s a living, breathing thing! That’s the nature of the beast.

In Pony Club, some kids caught on quite quickly and seemed to have a bit of a natural balance and posture.  Others took a little longer to work it out.  But now, ten years later, they’re all real good, competent riders.  Some have gone on further and are competing and training while others are just riding for pleasure.  It’s all good!

When Laura was younger and had big dreams about competing in the National and International show jumping events for a living, I asked her instructor if she thought Laura could do it.  Her response was “Absolutely!  In fact, just about anyone could potentially do it.  But the question is, are they willing to do what it takes to get there?”

Sound familiar? 🙂

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