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It’s Easy Peasy

I’m a full time, home-schooling mother of four. We live out of town and spend a lot of time and money on running kids everywhere! Fortunately, there are a lot of potential tax advantages as an independent business owner. I manage to write off a large portion of my gas and car expenses because I build my business in the nooks and crannies of my busy life as a mom. For example, last week I had to run my daughter into town for a haircut and then to her first violin lesson. Last time I was in for a haircut, my hairdresser commented on how beautiful my skin was, so this time, I delivered some information to her on Sense’. After the haircut I was driving right past the bank, so I deposited some cheques, then headed to the violin lesson. While there, I delivered a catalogue to our new teacher as she had noticed on the greeting on my answering machine that I was with USANA, and she indicated that she would like to look at a catalogue. She said she had been on the products many years ago and couldn’t remember why or how she managed to stop getting them, but loved them and really wanted to get on them again.

That day, I put 120 kms on my vehicle and I’m able to write them off! How cool is that! PLUS, I called our new teacher a couple days later and told her how much my daughter LOVED her lesson and how thankful we are to have found her, and to ask if she has any questions about the information I had left with her.  She ended up ordering 150 points of product and asked if she could get it every month. Of course, I offered her a PC number so she could get her products at my cost, which she was thrilled with! Because I am placing her in my organization where I can get paid several times on the sale of those products, that one order was worth about $120 CAD to me. Not only did I just give myself a raise of $120 a month (that’s more than enough to cover the hike in gas prices!) but this is only the beginning of our new relationship! At minimum, she has a lovely little waiting room in her music studio that would nicely offset a Comparative Guide and a Success From Home magazine. Who knows where THAT could lead!?

A few days later I had a dentist appointment down town (about an hour drive away) for a cleaning and check-up. The hygienist was a warm and friendly lady and we had a wonderful conversation (with her hands in my mouth! Lol). I asked her about her summer and she asked me about mine. Of course, I told her about the best live business event in America that we had had the pleasure of attending with our kids and some of our other business partners. She was impressed that we were in business with our kids and our friends! After my appointment I gave her a business card and told her to give me a call if she’d like to try any of our products! She asked if we have a hand cream because as a hygienist, she suffers from dry and cracked hands. I reached into my purse and gave her a squeeze of my IHT. She LOVED the smell and feel and was thrilled at the price! She ordered three tubes at retail and I sent her home with some Sense’ sample packs so she could try the other products as well! I put 200 kms on my car, and I can write them all off! Plus, I made a few bucks and have a new friend and customer. How sweet is that!??  Who knows where THAT could lead!? J

Those are just examples of how I have built my business.  So I got to thinking… I can think of nothing else that could pay me so well, and could be so easy and so much fun!  It’s really not hard at all! The only thing hard about this business is the personal development that we have to do in order to learn to get past ourselves so that we can actually have the capability of helping others. So then I got to wondering why it is that so many feel it would be easier to work a job, than to build their businesses.

I’m going to share some details about me that I don’t normally disclose, but I think it’s important so you really know where I’m coming from. I am an introvert by nature and a junior high school dropout with no post-secondary education. I have nothing naturally that any of you don’t have!  I was married and had a four month old nursing baby, a two year old boy, and two homeschooling kids when life caught me between a rock and a hard place. My life had always been wrapped around penny pinching and coupon cutting. We had always been on the receiving end rather than the giving end. I had no problem receiving help from others, but I longed to be able to be the giver someday. We had two credit cards which we lived off of from the time the little ones were born. In the beginning of 2004, both cards were maxed and I could no longer buy groceries. We were out of milk, cheese and other staples. I could have farmed out the kids and traded my self for $10 or $15 an hour, but that was simply not an option in my head. My family and I were worth much more than that!

When I started to build my business in February of 2004, our only nest egg was $500 put away to go towards the property taxes in June. As there was NO room on our credit cards, I opened a separate bank account and set up auto pay/auto deposit with USANA. I borrowed $300 out of our $500 savings, transferred it into my new account so there would be something there to cover my first 100 point order and to purchase a Comparative Guide, a Releasing Fat book (now Healthy for Life), and to subscribe to Life Masters. It was do or die, and dyeing wasn’t an option. I became laser focused and I got USANA in me.

I earned my first cheque for $142 that month which almost covered my first autoship! I doubled it in March, tripled it in April, (paid back my $300 debt to our tax savings account) and by the end of my first year, I had earned over $10,000. In my second year I earned over $20,000. We bought our dream property and moved my elderly parents on as well. My business continued to grow at the same rate and in 2007 I went Gold. OMG what a year!

Then it happened. One of my so called “leaders”, jealous of my success, went to another company, manipulating others in that leg to join him. Of course there were those who had product experiences with USANA that could never be replaced, and they stayed firm. But I literally dropped down to builder and even believer checks. NOT good when you have $2000 mortgage payments and family to care for!

I was emotionally paralyzed for a couple of months, and I could have decided at the time, “We are in huge financial trouble! I’d better dump what’s left of my business and go get a job!” However, I don’t recall it even crossing my mind. Why would it?! I pulled up my boot straps and started to rebuild. I reconnected with everyone I could on that side of my business, I stayed connected with many who had left, and I started to rebuild with new prospects. Within a year, I was almost back up to where I left off and have enjoyed a solid, growing, better than average, full time income ever since. IN THE NOOKS AND CRANNIES MY FRIENDS!

WHAT A BLESSING IT IS!!! And how grateful I am for the pruning that, at the time, seemed more like a terrorist attack. And how I love the fruit that has come into my life as a result of that pruning! I LOVE my USANA family!!! They are my best friends and many are like family to me. I will do ANYTHING for them and I know they would do the same for me. We have each other’s backs! J

I was blessed to have had dinner recently with my new friend, Stephen Daniel, and one of the things he said that has stuck in my head was this; “If you are comfortable with how much money you are making in your business, you’re the most selfish person in the world.”  It was a slap across the face for me. (He’s lucky I like him! Lol) Once again I was reminded that what I do, and how I do of it, is not about me. It is about others; Team members, customers, and those who have yet to experience the USANA difference. Have you ever had someone greet you in tears and hug you saying, “How can I thank you for sharing this opportunity/products with me?!  They’ve changed my life!” If so, you know what I’m talking about! If not, you can only imagine, my friends! I have heard it many times. And every time, I am humbled and blessed beyond words.

Who do we see, in the nooks and crannies of our lives, who need and are praying for what we have! You don’t know anyone? So, you don’t have a dental hygienist? Your children don’t take lessons from anyone? You don’t grocery shop in the same store with other human beings? You don’t eat at restaurants? You don’t go to school with anyone? And is it just me, or would it be selfish to not share what we know could mean the WORLD to people around us, just because we’re comfortable in our little “I’m comfortable and it’s all about me…” zone?!

To end, I have to tell you, we had my daughter’s second violin lesson today. Her teacher hasn’t received her products yet but can’t wait! She’s already logged on to the USANA site, tweaked her autoship order (adding yet MORE products) and commented, “I’m so excited, I just want to try EVERTHING! But I know there’s no way I can afford to be on everything EVERY month and I want my husband and kids to be on them as well.”  So I suggested that she consider the Associate option as that could be a way for her to, at minimum, help to pay for her products! She said she had read through the Health & Freedom paper I had left for her, and studied the compensation plan but couldn’t wrap her mind around it. So I sent her a link to my Comp Plan Pro.  She called me after viewing it and can’t wait to get together to see the business packs! J

As my kids would say, “It’s easy peasy!” Let’s not just talk about it my friends! Let’s do what it takes to get past our selves so that we are able to freely help others! There has NEVER been a better time!  LET’S DO IT!

132,525 is the average yearly income for an established, full-time USANA Associate.  $34,513 is the annual average of those who earned as little as one commission cheque each month.  Total includes all earnings from the Compensation plan, Leadership Bonus, Matching Bonus, contests and incentives.  Calculations based on earnings for fiscal year 2009.   Figures should not be considered as guarantees or projections of actual earnings, which result only from consistent, successful sales efforts.  To be considered in a rank’s earnings, Associates must have earned cheques at a median rank for at least 20 weeks.  According to results from an in-house survey taken between 2004 and 2006, the primary reason 17% of USANA independent business owners join the company is to improve their financial future.  21% of that group earns a cheque at least once a month. Of those whose primary reason is to earn enough to replace a full-time income, 90% have been associates for at least one year and 57% are full-time Gold Directors and above.  The number of Gold Directors and above who have maxed at least 1 Business Centre during the year equals less than 1% of all Associates.  Those earning as little as one cheque a month equal approximately 3% of all Associates.  If you include all 165,710 with the title of Associate, which includes, Associates not actively building a business (acting as wholesale buyers), Associates who just joined, (as little as one day), and those who are just beginning to build their customer base, the average yearly income is still $878.81 with nearly one in three earning a cheque.  To date, USANA has more than 140 Associates who are lifetime Million Dollar Club members.


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  1. Congrats for your posting by Collette Larsen to her blog & what an honor to a beautiful lady!! YOU!! I love your heart . . . my signature quote “Lead with your heart, your life will follow” what an example you are. Bee – a hug exchanged @ convention when purchasing your DVD and incredible tool!! My best to you as you continue to lead the way . . . Helen

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