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I Changed My Mind!


(Week 4, down 13 pounds & 10 inches!)

I had to be out the door this morning at 7:30am which is STUPID early for me (being a well paid, networking, full time homeschooling mom, I usually roll out of bed between 8:30 and 9, IF I’m ready to… hee hee…) Anyways, I live 45 minutes out of town and had to be downtown Edmonton for a long meeting. I needed something that would really stick to my ribs, so had three scrambled eggs and a large decaf with cream, for the road. (I took a Chocolate Whey Nutrimeal shake to have for lunch.)  Good meeting and wasn’t tempted by the muffins and goodies there…  Lunch time found me strolling through the food court at West Edmonton Mall, with rumblys in my tumbly and it smelled SO good in there! I realized that I had other errands to run while in the city and would be a while, so decided to save my shake for supper on my way home and have something else for lunch. Decided to treat myself for being so good and not caving to the smells in the food court, so stopped at the steak house across the road and got steak medallions with extra veggies (in place of potatoes) and a gorgeous chef’s salad to go, as I was on the run. It cost $10 which is about the same as a Chinese combo and drink in the food court, and it was SOOOO delicious!

I realized as I was sitting in my cozy, quiet car, listening to my favourite music, eating that mouth-watering, healthy, quality, classy food, that we as humans actually have the power to “change” our minds. In that food court, smelling the smells, for a minute I thought that I simply couldn’t live without a plate of deep fried, goopy, sweet, MSG coated, – STUFF.  But realizing that I would feel gross and discouraged afterwards and would completely sabotage my goal, I decided that there’s something all round better to TREAT myself with! So instead of being in the mode of “what I CAN’T have” I put myself in the mode of “what I CAN have” and I CHANGED my mind!!!! “I” did! Waahooo! That – felt – great.

That, in a nut shell, is why I love RESET so much. Not just the products, but everything RESET stands for. It’s breaking the food addictions that allowed me that window of opportunity to actually “change” my mind and choose what I REALLY wanted rather than what was in front of my face. I’m not saying I will never eat in a food court again, or have cheese cake, or whatever. But I LOVE feeling like I’m in control and can “choose”.

The best definition of failure I can think of is to give up what we want “most”, for what we want “now”. Hope this helps you so that the next time you really want to eat that ________ , you’ll remember that you actually have the power to “change” your mind, and you’ll find something else you want just as much or more, that will actually feed your health and help you reach your goals! 🙂

GOOD ON YA COMRADES! I’m going now to fix myself a Peach Mango Fibergy sorbet! Mmmmm UPHORIA!!! lol

(Product disclaimer: Results not typical. The typical participant loses 4.5 pounds in 5 days.)

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