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How Does Comp Plan Pro Differ?

The Comp Plan Pro DVD packageThe Comp Plan Pro differs from other USANA Compensation Plan videos in a number of important ways….

  1. It is a video, but much more than just a video; It is a full presentation and training system including a linear video with narration that explains USANA’s compensation plan in a way that is understood by most viewers who apparently didn’t fully understand it prior to seeing it (see what others are saying on our testimonials page).
  2. The same presentation is also provided in a full PowerPoint format, with and without narration. Independent Associates can use to present to, and train, other individuals, as well as small and large groups. It gives them the control over the presentation allowing them to pause at each slide (concept) and have dialogue, explain things further, or answer questions, before moving on.
  3. It includes printable scripts and even a Flip Chart format (PDF) that they can print and use in place of the electronic version, on those unfortunate occasions when they left their laptop at home or at the office, or the battery went dead.
  4. Owners of the Comp Plan Pro DVD can register on our Private Member’s Site where they can have access to FAQ’s, Support, Tutorial Videos (coming soon) and a downloadable version so they can have everything loaded onto their smart phone or other mobile device that often don’t come with a DVD player.
  5. On this site registered members can also refer a free on-line preview of the Comp Plan Pro Video through our Share This Video To A Friend giving them a chance to view the video without buying the entire training package. Of course, we hope that they will see the value of having the Comp Plan Pro DVD  in their arsenal of presentation and training tools and order the DVD for their own use.

I am confident that you will discover the difference and the value of the Comp Plan Pro as an important addition to what USANA currently offers in the way of tools yourself, and others, can use to effectively present our compensation plan.

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