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Are We Having Fun Yet?

I REALLY love this letter that was posted on the Zdanis forum!  It has got me FIRED UP and I’ll share why after you read it.  This is something you need to read even if you are not actively building an organization!!  Rosie Spiegel totally reflects my thoughts and feelings about how it’s supposed to be!!  She says…

Hello friends of this great forum.  I do declare – prospecting is a gas. I have met the most interesting people. Calling old friends is a lot of fun. Being open and feeling confident about my business is fun. Finding out who is open minded and whose mind is snapped shut like a vault is fascinating. The challenge of answering a million questions and suspending my judgments about what are good and pointless questions is good for my soul. Listening so intently that I lose myself… always a privilege and afterward I wonder where the time went. And one of my favorites… being genuine, sincere, kind and professional all for their own reward without attaching a particular win or gain to that always feels good. One of my first rules in business: leave a good wake behind me, as in a motor boat wake, cutting through the water. We NEVER KNOW when we will have the chance to find out that so-and-so met so-and-so and our name came up and we get to experience the karma of our actions. (Recently someone walked up to me at the gym. He said in a serious voice, “Rosie, Chris (the physical therapist at the club) just told me that you have approached him countless times about this business.” My heart took a nose dive… Then he said, “Chris described you as one of the most upbeat people he knows and even though he hasn’t been interested yet, he always loves to talk with you. I thought you’d like to hear that.” Wow. That’s feedback to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Oh, please don’t make this process more difficult than it needs to be. Making friends, sharing health and wealth, being genuinely interested in other people, standing in the gift you give yourself of believing in yourself and what you are doing… We are so blessed to be able to share this opportunity!

This afternoon I spoke with about 6 people. My day is enriched and I hope that theirs is too.

I was told that if we aren’t having fun in this business to re-evaluate what we are doing and tweak whatever is necessary in order to enjoy the process. It’s not original advice, but I am passing it forward. HAVE FUN!!!!”

~ Rosie Speigel

YES!!!  I Say!  That is exactly it!  THAT is what took me from product user to Gold Director!  It wasn’t my business degree, I’m a junior high drop out!!  It wasn’t my sales experience, I’m just a Mom!  It wasn’t my outgoing, bubbly personality, I’m an introvert by nature.  (If I had my way I would never leave my house, I would just absorb myself in my home and family.)  THIS is what it is…

I am a full time, home schooling mother of four.  My oldest is 16.   I have known of many home schooling families through the years who have been very successful and some who have had difficulties.  There are exceptions, but in general this is what I’ve seen; Those who have tried to bring the public schooling system into their homes (black board and desks in a row, I’m the teacher, you’re the student, these are the topics that must be covered, raise your hand if you have a question, bla, bla, bla…) have not made it.  The public school system was developed for the public school and is not conducive to a family setting.

(Disclaimer: I acknowledge that there is a place for public education and I am not saying that it should not exist.)  

Those home educators, who understand WHOLE LIFE LEARNING and embrace it, have excelled!!  Basically, what that means is this; throughout the day to day busy activities, chores and errands, babies, bottles, meals and phone calls, you have a relationship with your child.  You discover his/her natural skills and passions, (which way they’re bent), you trust God to provide windows of opportunity to inspire them for learning and growth.  You keep your eyes and ears open!  When you get the window, open it gently and savor the opportunity to nurture and educate your child in a way that will impact their life forever!  THINK ABOUT IT!  You are not trying to push anything on them!  You are just being the wind beneath their wings.  Learning is a natural passion and an ability they are born with, not something that has to be drilled into them!

When people say, “You’re such a great Mom!”  I don’t even want to hear it, because it’s not about me!  It’s about the amazing people MY KIDS are!  I am just privileged to be a part of their birth and growth!!!  I am THRILLED that my older two have FAR surpassed my abilities and education in SO many ways!!!  That is how I measure my success.

“What has being a parent got to do with relationship marketing?!” you ask?  EVERYTHING!!  This is a whole different system my friends!  Dr. Wentz could have sold his world class products through the drug stores and the pharmacies, but he chose to share them on a much deeper and holistic level, through US!!  REAL PEOPLE! J If you are trying to SELL these products STOP IT!  Retail sales were developed for retail stores and are not conducive to a relationship setting!  Love and care for people is paramount.  Trust God to open the windows of opportunity.  The windows come every day!  Don’t be so focused on “marketing” that you miss the precious, God given, windows of opportunity to tune in to what people are thinking, feeling and experiencing.  THEN, with wisdom, share from your heart, your experience and your passion for these one of a kind products and AMAZING opportunity!  FORGET about the commission!  Consider that a bonus.  This is not about us, it’s about them

(Disclaimer: I acknowledge that there is a place for Super Store and Walgreens retail stores, and I am not saying they should not exist.)

When people say, “I just can’t sell!” I know THAT is a person I want on my team!  When someone says, “I’m GREAT at sales!”, I know right then and there that it will be an uphill climb for that person to unlearn what they think they know about “sales”.  In our business, YOU are the first thing someone buys or does NOT buy.  Good luck if your first priority is trying to SELL them on something!!!

This is meant to be a message of encouragement to my own team, as well as to the whole USANA family, that sharing USANA is very simple.  If you are stuck in the “old school’ of thought, don’t be discouraged.  None of us were perfect parents when our first child was born.  And the more kids we have, the less perfect we feel!!! J  Just as children don’t come with a manual, neither does relationship marketing.  It is a day by day process.  When we fail, we humbly ask for forgiveness, we forgive ourselves, and we keep moving forward.

Like Rosie says, “…please don’t make this process more difficult than it needs to be. Making friends, sharing health and wealth, being genuinely interested in other people, standing in the gift you give yourself of believing in yourself and what you are doing… We are so blessed to be able to share this opportunity!  And if you aren’t having fun in this business, re-evaluate what you are doing and tweak whatever is necessary in order to enjoy the process!!”  After all, it’s NOT about you.

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