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My name is Elisabeth (Bee) Drachenberg and I’m a full-time Mom of four, as well as a Gold Director with USANA Health Sciences.

Thanks so much for your interest in the Comp Plan Pro!  I have built my business using this tool and it has been a passion of mine for some time now, to make it assessable to, not only my own team, but to the entire USANA family.  It can be used as training, as well as presenting to our prospects in a way that brings excitement and clarity to our amazing and powerful compensation plan!

Just to give you a little background on this project; In 2004 I began to build my business with USANA. Like so many others, I found the comp plan confusing and had difficulties wrapping my mind around it, so I learned as I went, and put my new insights down, bit by bit, on paper as I understood it, because if I couldn’t understand it myself, how could I show it to others?  When I used the videos that were available at the time to show the comp plan to others, my prospects’ and new Associates’ eyes would glaze over about a third of the way through which left me having to explain all the grey areas afterwards. My experience soon told me that a confused mind would tend to say no, so it was imperative that I could present this opportunity in a way that was quick, clear and concise for my prospects.  I decided to develop my own paper version of my comp plan which I used for presentations. Well, not only were my prospects able to understand it the first time through, but as a result they seemed to enrol much more readily. My presentation/enrolment ratio dramatically improved! Even with my first priority being a full-time, home schooling mom of four, I was still able to go Gold within only three years.

At one point I was asked to do my presentation for a larger group. There was no way to do that on paper, so I had to learn PowerPoint very quickly! The presentation went really well and I was asked to show it at event after event, and wherever I showed it other Associates approached me wanting to get a copy for their own use. I realized that I had created something that was needed in the field because even associates who had been in USANA for some time were excited that they could finally really understand the compensation plan, and not only could they understand it, but it inspired them! That was the beginning of the Comp Plan Pro.

After a couple years in the making; building it, adding to it, refining it, etc. I’m so excited to announce that the Comp Plan Pro is finally being released at the 2011 International Convention, and will be available to purchase through WWW.UNITOGETHER.COM.

I so look forward to receiving any comments and feedback you may have on the Comp Plan Pro! Please feel free to fill out our feedback survey form.

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Yours In Health,

Elisabeth (Bee) Drachenberg
Independent Associate & Gold Director

USANA Health Sciences




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