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USANA’s award winning compensation plan is the best in the industry!  But to many who don’t understand it, rather than a stepping stone, it can be quite a stumbling block. We all know that a confused mind tends to says no.

The Comp Plan Pro DVD packageIf you’ve ever been unsure of certain aspects of the USANA compensation plan, or not felt confident enough to explain it to others, this simple presentation system will quickly turn you into a pro!  Meticulously created by Gold Director, Elisabeth (Bee) Drachenberg, the Comp Plan Pro was designed as a complete presentation system that is not only simple and concise, but will leave your prospects enlightened and excited to move forward!  The Comp Plan Pro consists of:

1)      A beautiful, printable Flip Chart with corresponding script, you can use to present one-on-one to your prospects.

2)      A clean and artistically designed PowerPoint with corresponding script that can be used to give powerful and professional presentations to small or large groups.

3)      A sleek auto-run, flowing, narrated PowerPoint; Easy for anyone to use!

4)      A DVD you can simply plug into your DVD player and view just like a video.

It is different than other compensation plan presentations! Not only is the Comp Plan Pro a powerful presentation tool that outlines and simplifies the many benefits of our compensation plan, but it’s also an excellent training system!  (PC and Mac compatible.)  Read more…

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  1. This is a phenomenal tool! You make it so easy to understand. Finally something that explains the USANA Compensation Plan in plain English! Love it!

  2. Sherry Allies said:

    I’m so glad to have access to such a great tool! Now the average person will be able to understand what makes our compensation plan the best.

  3. Laura Kaiser said:

    Laura wrote: “So AWESOME to see it finally come to life so others can make it so easy to understand! You Rock, my friend!!!”

  4. Stephen Daniel said:

    We have looked at it and love it! I have several people who want to give you feedback. Most people who watch it, understand it, and that is what I love. I recently had several new people view a Health and Freedom presentation and were not able to understand the comp plan. However, after watching your Comp Plan Pro, they had a clear understanding. It’s a great tool!

  5. Laura Seabrook said:

    USANA has been waiting too long for this!! After watching the Comp Plan Pro myself and using it in a couple of presentations, I’m not sure what new associates ever did without it! Thanks for an awesome tool, I’m excited! =)
    I now feel so confident presenting the comp plan!

  6. I have seen many versions of the comp plan presentation and this is far and away the best. It is simple, follows a natural progression and Elizabeth’s voice is very soothing. While listening, I was thinking about those I want to send this video. – Tim Tessier, Guest

  7. Thanks your time and effort in preparing this amazing tool, one that brings clarity and understanding along with the ease that you present with. I will use and encourage my downline to invest in as together we share the heart, passion & vision of Dr. Wentz. So appreciated your sharing your heart in your ‘It’s Easy, Peasy’ post on your blog. My best to you as you continue to lead the way. . . Helen

  8. craigheller said:

    This is simply the most comprehensive and easy to follow explanation of the comp plan on the planet. This is a business presentation you can feel good about and will grow your business!! Thank You Elisabeth Drachenberg for doing this!! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!

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